Meet Inpactor.

The only platform Brands will ever need to create sustainable social impact in a reliable, transparent, and measurable way while strengthening the brand.

The one-stop CSR platform

Inpactor is the world’s first one-stop platform connecting Brands to Causes to Volunteers, allowing them to easily create and implement social impact Projects, and earn incentives for their effort and performance.

Inpactor is the underpinning technology that provides a scalable solution for Incitement’s approach to CSR. Not only does it allow for the creation of more social impact, it also provides a better and more consistent solution for each stakeholders’ challenges. Plus, the platform is free for anyone to use.


Better incentives

Transparent processes


Accurate reporting

Distributed governance

Inpactor brings Brands, Causes, and Volunteers to one platform

To collaborate on creating social impact through CSR


Benefits for Brands

  • Easily find suitable social projects & remove lengthy selection processes.
  • Receive 'branding perks' as an incentive on CSR initiatives & grow your brand.
  • Use CSR for impact, marketing, and retention - all at once - aligning internal cross-department motives.
  • Measure the impact CSR has on your business in terms of ROI.
  • Create meaningful employee engagement programmes.
  • Profit from efficiency gains in project planning with better project management tools.
  • Work with accountable and reliable organisations & verified impact measurements- and reports.
  • Make social responsibility a part of your core business & attract more customers.
  • Easily ttract & retain talented employees, and increase employee productivity.
  • Use premium features to get even more out of the platform!


Benefits for Causes

  • Easily list your project & publish it into a network of 1000s of Brands and Volunteers.
  • Attract funds from Brands by providing them with 'branding perks.'
  • Attract, recruit, screen, and review volunteers using recruitment tools specifically designed for Causes.
  • Use project management tools customised for social projects.
  • List your projects & impact onto your Cause Channel to generate exposure and awareness.
  • Measure & report your impact using Inpactor's in-built Hourglass tool developed in collaboration with Taylor's Education Group.
  • Easily find and apply for grants that are suitable to your Cause
  • Use premium features to get even more out of the platform!


Benefits for Volunteers

  • Easily find suitable social projects based on your preferences.
  • Work on projects based on skills that you already have, or skills that you'd like to acquire.
  • List your work on your public profile & build your resume.
  • Receive incentives for volunteering (more about this on the Tokens page)
  • Publish your experience directly to LinkedIn.
  • Collaborate with Causes using shared project management tools.
  • Build your network through Inpactor's social media-like interface.
  • Use premium features to get even more out of the platform!

Inpactor's unique look & feel

The goal is to connect Brands, Causes, and Volunteers to create more social impact using an brand-new, yet familiar and intuitive interface.

Easily create & publish a social project on Inpactor.

It's never been easier to list and present your social project in an elegant way to thousands of Brands and Volunteers.

Explore social projects and content as if you were on social media.

Inpactor's AI will serve you content and projects that are most relevant to you in a customised news feed.

Display your work on your public channel or profile.

Brands, Causes, and Volunteers build their social impact portfolio on a public channel of profile to showcase to the world.

Inpactor from start to finish

Here's a visual representation of how Inpactor approaches the interaction between Brands, Causes, and Volunteers, and how it enables seamless collaboration between the three.

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Publish projectFind Projects on Exploreor Feed pageFind Projects on ExploreAssess ProjectApply to volunteer for ProjectAssess ProjectApply to fund ProjectApproveProject is listed on profileDeposit funds for ProjectProject is listed on profileVolunteer is recruitedfor ProjectReceive fundsPrepare Branding perksProcures goods and/or servicesExecute ProjectCompleted Projectis listed on profilePost Project contentPublish Impact ReportCompleted Projectis listed on profileCompleted Projectis listed on profileReviewsReceive updates on Project progressReviewsReviewsTake Project management feesDistribute tasks to VolunteersCreate Project:- Project milestones- Project narrative- Detailed budget breakdown- Volunteer roles- Branding perks- Proof of Impact (POI) targetsVOLUNTEERRECRUITMENTFUNDINGEXECUTIONCOMPLETIONCAUSEBRAND12234788855556
Publish project Find Projects on Explore or Feed page Find Projects on Explore Assess Project Apply to volunteer for Project Assess Project Apply to fund Project Approve Project is listed on profile Deposit funds for Project Project is listed on profile Volunteer is recruited for Project Receive funds Prepare Branding perks Procures goods and/or services Execute Project Completed Project is listed on profile Post Project content Publish Impact Report Completed Project is listed on profile Completed Project is listed on profile Reviews Receive updates on Project progress Reviews Reviews Take Project management fees Distribute tasks to Volunteers Create Project: - Project milestones - Project narrative - Detailed budget breakdown - Volunteer roles - Branding perks - Proof of Impact (POI) targets VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT FUNDING EXECUTION COMPLETION CAUSE BRAND 1 2 2 3 4 7 8 8 8 5 5 5 5 6

  1. Cause creates a Project
  2. Brands and Volunteers find the Project
  3. Cause approves Brands and Volunteers
  4. Brand will deposit funds
  1. Cause will start preparations
  2. Project is executed
  3. Cause publishes Impact Report
  4. Brand, Cause, Volunteers review each other


Upon Inpactor's Beta launch mid June, the platform will contain 115 features, and there's another 83 features to be released soon after that.

Project creation

Create social Projects in a beautiful format to make them attractive to Brands, and publish them into a network of Brands and Volunteers.


Tap into a global network of Brands to raise CSR funds for your Project. Or invite Brands to fund your Project (premium feature).

Volunteer recruitment

Create vacancies on the fly, and recruit and screen suitable volunteers for your Project based on their previous performance and skills.


Brands and Causes have a dedicated Channel to showcase their social impact work to the world for more exposure.

Branding perks

Causes can attract Brands by offering 'Branding Perks.' Branding perks are a way for Causes to provide incentives to a Brand in the form of branding.

Project management

Use customised project management tools, specifically designed to optimise collaboration between Brands, Causes, and Volunteers.

Impact reports

Use in-built impact measurement- and reporting tools, and have your impact reports validated by your Project Volunteers.


Brands can publish Grants and the platform AI will serve it to relevant Causes. Vice versa, Causes can easily find & apply for relevant Grants.


No longer spend thousands of dollars on verifying the legitimacy of an organisation. Cherry-pick projects that have a proven track record of positive impact and reviews.

AI engine

Inpactor's AI engine learns what kind of content users consume, and serves only the perfect Projects and opportunities to Brands, Causes, and Volunteers.

Project phasing

Projects are cleverly staged into different phases. This way, Brands won't have to waste time browsing through projects that are still in the process of e.g. recruiting Volunteers.


Anyone can message anyone - so long you are connected to each other via a Project. Easy collaboration, better communication, and great networking.


Advanced search and filtering capabilities to find Projects based on location, category, skills, funds, branding perks, phase, and more...


Receive notifications and updates, and receive an email of important project updates. Of course, you have full control over your notification setting.

Budget breakdown

Use a friendly interface to easily create detailed budget breakdowns for your Project. This allows Brands to quickly assess your Project.

Comprehensive dashboard

Every Project has a comprehensive dashboard, which can be shared with other Project admins, and also with Volunteers and Brands.

Sustainable revenue models

Unlike other platforms, Inpactor is free of charge for anyone and does not charge any fees on funding or transactions.

Interest-based advertising

Inpactor captures a lot of user data. It knows what Brands a user interacts with, what Causes she supports, what professional interests she has, and exactly where she is during a Project and with who.

Using this information, much like Facebook’s interest-based advertising platform, Inpactor allows for a similar ad experience. Inpactor will adopt a proven-to-work advertising strategy to sustain itself.

Premium platform features

Brands and Causes can purchase premium features that will enable them to use the platform even more effectively.

  • Browse and invite specific (skilled) volunteers
  • Receive notifications when a grant is published
  • More detailed impact reporting
  • Getting recommended for grants
  • Additional branding perks
  • Featured news feed placements
  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • Much more...
Revenue models

The benefits of CSR Tokens

On the next page you will be introduced to CSR Tokens. These tokens will overcome the limitations Inpactor has and will solve the 5 key industry-wide issues.


Better financial transparency

CSRi, which is the impact utility token inside Inpactor, will create full insight into the funding process using distributed ledger technology. However, Inpactor presents another way to reduce the lack of transparency. More about that on the tokens page.


Higher reliability

What we're looking for is reliability, and this can be achieved in a variety of ways. Using smart contracts is one way. Every Project will be built on a unique smart contract to facilitate a more transparent, measurable, and reliable implementation.


Improved reporting accuracy

Inpactor introduces a new concept called Proof of Impact (PoI). Not only does Inpactor offer impact measurement tools to Causes, but the platform can also confirm the accuracy of reports through voting done by the Volunteers.


Measurable ROI on CSR

Brands receive CSRm incentives upon funding a Project as a reward for social impact creation. Brands can then stake their CSRm or spend it on advertising or premium features in Inpactor, creating direct ROI on their CSR work.


Better governance

Inpactor will implement a Distributed Governance Framework (DGF) to give token holders a say in the overall direction of the organisation, allowing them to vote on strategic topics. Inpactor places impact creation back where it belong; in your hands.

Interested to know more?

Find out exactly how Inpactor, powered by the blockchain, can bridge the gap between for-profit and nonprofit. Read more about the CSR Tokens on the next page.

Introducing CSRi and CSRm

The two tokens that will power Inpactor.

Inpactor's ecosystem lays a robust foundation to approach CSR in a different way. But to complete the solution and tackle the industry's problems as well, we need CSR Tokens.

On the next page, you will learn how CSR Tokens are used to take Inpactor to a whole new level, by integrating blockchain and distributed ledger technology.